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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
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I recently found out that the Romanian government plans to put an income taxes for the wedding gift received by the (happilly) married couple.

According to the news source, the Romanian government, together with the Ministry of Finance, is working on a law project that will attract to the state budget a 19% tax from the gift the married couple receives at the wedding. The reason for this is attracting more money to the state budget, who is significantly lower than predicted.

The officials also thought of the manner in which this money will be collected. This way, a new public position will be created, the "wedding tax collector". His/Hers job will be to check for the weekly list of weddings from each City Hall and to go to the party in order to identify the total value of the gift.

This will probably be the most un-welcome guest at the wedding, but he will be a constant presence.

Even though a lot of married couples in Romania still have a very big problem in ordanizing the wedding, the government wants to impose another (stupid) tax on this kind of income. Usually, the couples use this gift for major investments like buying a house or a car, investments that are otherwise very hard to tackle.

I believe its not necessary to emphasise how stupid this law seems to me, but still...I have some questions:

1. How will they prevent the possible corruption of the "wedding tax collector"?
2. What skills does a "wedding tax collector" need to have?
3. Where can I apply for this job?


Posted by Mihai : 9/14/2004 04:56:00 pm Romania - wedding taxes ?!?
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